The Giant's Hands & Feet Installed - Our Journey is Complete!


The Giant's Hands & Feet were installed successfully on the 27th of July.

The Hands & Feet arrive on the wagon
Installing the Brushes Estate hand

Installing the Firth Park henna hand

Installing the Bluebell Gate foot at one of the entrances to Wincobank Hill

Installing the Woolley Wood foot on the gate at the entrance from Barrow Road

The Boating Lake foot waiting to be installed as part of the new Ripples in the Pond scheme

The Glove Garden in Bloom

Congratulations to Bridget Ingle and all the volunteers who have helped to create the beautiful community orchard and planting scheme to complement the boxing glove seats. They also have plaques dedicated to the people who sponsored the trees, created by artist, Owen Cunningham.

The Merlin Way Dragon shows itself...

6 dragon planters have been installed on Merlin Way and planted up with blueberries, cranberries, gooseberries, lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage and nasturtiums. Thanks to all the tenants and residents from Brushes who came out to help us on the day! Don't forget to water the planters in this hot weather we've been having lately...

Queen comes to Roman Ridge, Wincobank

The Star-crossed Queen artwork has now been installed on Roman Ridge, in Wincobank, off Jenkin Road.  She looks beautiful up there on the hill, so go and visit her to learn about the Polar Constellations that can be seen from this location on a clear night.

First Pavement Plates Installed!

6 of the 8 Pavement Plates have now been installed along Stubbin Lane. Here are some photos of them just after they were put in. Go and check them all out to discover healthy recipes you can cook easily yourself! The last 2 are coming soon...

Posh Pillar and Her Daughters arrive at Wincobank Hill

The Posh Pillars are now standing elegantly at the Jenkin Road entrance to Wincobank Hill. The main pillar shows a poem by local girl, Bryn Wainwright, aged 9 years old, and sculpture by Brian Fell. Two others show text by poet Ebenezer Elliott 'The Ranter' and a memorial to Mary Ann Rawson, Wincobank Hall resident and anti-slavery campaigner, with sculpture by Owen Cunningham.


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